Gioacchino Rossini: Demetrius und Polibius in Valtice Castle Theater

Cultural event

  • Valtice ()
  • 18. 11. 2018
  • 17.00
  • 700 CZK / 550 CZK

Demetrius und Polibius

(on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the death of G. Rossini)


Sunday, 18.11.2018 at 17:00 Uhr
Theatre of Valtice Castle
Zámek 1, 691 42 Valtice, Czech Republic


Stage director und adaption: Ulla Pilz
Music director: Nana Masutani
Lisinga: Iza Kopec
Siveno: Armin Gramer
Demetrius: Martin Mairinger
Polibius: Johannes Hanel

About the performance:

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the death of Gioacchino Rossini there is the possibility to his first opera at the wonderful theatre of Valtice Castle.
To bring the music to life, a top-class young ensemble under the musical direction of the pianist Nana Masutani is available:In the role of the Lisinga the London-based soprano Iza Kopec will be seen and heard. The internationally successful Carinthian countertenor Armin Gramer will embody the Siveno. The Lower Austrian tenor Martin Mairinger can experience them as King Demetrius and the Carinthian baritone Johannes Hanel as King Polibius.
The staging and adaptation of the piece is taken over by Ulla Pilz, known from countless music theater productions.

Who is Gioacchino Rossini?
In one sentence: the undisputed master of Italian bel canto, creator of some of the most performed operas of all time, composer of dizzying coloraturas, gifted cook, sluggard and bovi vivant.
He was only fifteen years old when, in 1806, the singer and impresario Domenico Mombelli commissioned him to set a libretto for his wife.
The title is "Demetrio e Polibio" and it will be Rossini's first opera.
The premiere takes place only in 1812, the composer is now twenty and already a successful, wealthy man. In addition to the client, both his daughters can be experienced on stage, a real family business.
Although much is contained in this youth work, which also makes up the special charm of the later Rossini, the opera disappears for a long time largely in the sinking.

The performance:

In an almost fabulous, distant time two kings face each other. Each of them rules a powerful empire and could be happy and content. But only to one of the two really applies:
Polibius has got a daughter he loves very much and who is about to marry her great love and so to enlarge the family even more.
On the other side is Demetrius, who had to leave his only son a long time ago and has since been lonely; a misfortune against which all the riches of this world are powerless.
Rulers are just human beings, with the difference that their personal sensitivities can plunge whole nations into happiness or misfortune. 
And since in our version the audience becomes the embodiment of these peoples, all present are taken into an exciting story about the interplay between power, unhappiness and happiness ....

The Plot:

Quite typical of his time, the libretto is a wild mix of confusion, intrigue and disguises. Behind it are hiding big, real feelings and a lot of humanity.

In detail:

Siveno, a young man lives at the court of King Polibius and is considered the son of one of his former ministers. In truth, however, he is the son of King Demetrius.
When he had temporarily lost his power and family, his son had been rescued and secretly taken to Polibius Court, without telling the child or anyone about the boy's true identity. Siveno falls in love with Lisinga, the daughter of Polibius. Shortly before the marriage is to be closed, suddenly appears Demetrius, who has meanwhile regained control of his kingdom, under a false name at the court Polibius. He demands the transfer of Siveno, which is rejected. As a pawn, he now kidnaps Polibius daughter Lisinga.
All signs are now on war. Can humanity and love over power and politics win the victory?


The ticket is possible to buy on-line here, at cashier desk or directly at the theater before performance.