Visiting Regulations

Extract from the Visiting Regulations:



  1. The ticket office of the monument is open from 8:30 to 18:00  on visiting days
  2. The time of the tours beginning, the operation time of the ticket offices and up-to-date information on the tours are available at the ticket office and on the website:
  3. There are tours which are accessible without a guide and tours which are only accessible with a guide.
  4. The management of the historical monument determines the intervals between the individual tours. The capacity of tours and monuments is limited by the operational conditions of the monument and the safety of the visitors.
  5. Guided tours are available to groups with at least 5 visitors, including visitors with the privilege of free entrance. If there are less than 3 persons, the visitors will have to wait until the start of the following tour, which will be undertaken regardless the number of persons interested. Exceptions can be permitted by the management of the monument. The last tour of the day will take place regardless of how many visitors are present.
  6. It is possible to provide tour reservation for large-scale groups or individuals. The exact date and time, when the tour starts, have to be organised and agreed on in advance with the monument management in writing, via phone, e-mail or using the electronic reservation system. The reservation will be cancelled if the group, or the individual, do not appear at least 15 minutes before the organised time of the tour at the ticket office of the monument. The monument management reserves the right to include additional people, up to the maximum capacity of the tour, to the pre-booked group.



Article 3 – ADMISSION

  1. Admission is paid in advance. Admission prices and discounts for a particular year are determined by the National Heritage Institute, Regional Historic Sights Management in Kroměříž. The prices can be seen at the ticket office of the monument.
  2. After paying admission, the visitor receives a ticket (the group leader receives one ticket for the whole group). In the case of visitor tours which are only accessible with a guide, the ticket contains the date and the beginning time of the tour.
  3. If a visitor does not attend the tour at the time stated on the ticket, the ticket is then considered invalid.
  4. Purchased tickets will neither be refunded nor exchanged.
  5. All visitors have to show the ticket when entering the tour, keeping it with them at all times during the tour, and showing it upon request.



  1. The visitors are required to follow the instructions of the staff of the monument. When instructions or commands issued in the interest of visitor safety, monument or collections protection are not heeded, the visitor will be ejected from the premises without refund of the admission and will be required to leave the premises immediately. In addition, the visitor may be liable for prosecution under the applicable generally binding legal regulations.
  2. Selected outer and interior spaces of the premises are monitored by a surveillance system for the protection of the monument, visitors and collections.
  3. Intoxicated persons or persons under the influence of drugs will be refused entry to the premises of the monument.
  4. Entry to the monument is not permitted to visitors in heavily soiled, inadequate or otherwise unsuitable clothing or footwear.
  5. Smoking and any handling of open fire is forbidden in the interiors of the monument. In the case of fire, visitors are required to follow the instructions given by the staff of the monument. Smoking in exterior areas can be further regulated by specific regulation in these visiting regulations.
  6. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to carry or use any kind of weapon, firearm or blaster weapon including any replicas in the interiors of the monument.
  7. Entrance into installed interiors with excessively bulky luggage, unsuitable headwear, bags, umbrellas and animals is forbidden.
  8. If there is a loss of, or any damage to, exhibited historical items during the tour, all visitors attending the tour will be expected to undergo all safety measures, wait for the arrival of the Police of the Czech Republic and respect their instructions (if necessary, visitors will be expected to undergo a search of their person and luggage which will be conducted by the Police of the Czech Republic).
  9. It is forbidden to damage and endanger the monument, its collections, park or garden, and other properties in the premises. In particular, without any limitation, the following is forbidden:

a)     To touch the walls and any objects on display; to write or paint on the walls; to cut them; or to be – in any way – detrimental to them.

b)     To leave designated routes and paths; to depart from the guide and guided group at any time during the tour.

c)     To disturb other visitors or the guide´s presentation by making any noise (talking, playing music, singing, using mobile phones and mobile audio media devices, making loud noises etc.) or otherwise hinder the visitors tour of the monument. Not observing these conditions may be considered a reason for expulsion from the tour without any refund of the admission fee.

d)     To eat, drink, and chew chewing gums in the interiors of the monument; to enter with an ice-cream, beverages, food and anything similar.

e)     To throw anything into the fountains and water wells; to pick flowers; to collect fruit; to break branches off trees and bushes; to walk on the lawns and off the designated paths; to camp in the premises and gardens; to put up posters within the premises; to promote whatever goods, services or activities; to otherwise disturb the peace and order; to feed or disturb the animals and birds.

f)      To go around the premises by any single-track or two-track vehicles (with the exception of wheelchairs for disabled persons and baby prams). Bicycles must be left in specially designated places.

g)     To park motor vehicles outside the designated areas and public car parks.

h)     To touch electric distribution boxes, signaling equipment, fire extinguishers and any other technical equipment.

10.  The free movement of dogs and any other animals is not allowed; their access into interiors of the monument is totally forbidden.

11.  Taking photographs, filming and the creation of any documentation using flash, tripod, selfie sticks or any other lighting and instrumental techniques in the interiors of the monument or other designated places is forbidden. Using any photographs, videos, or any other documentation created in the premises for commercial purposes, without expressed written consent of the National Heritage Institute, Regional Historic Sights Management in Kroměříž, are forbidden. An exception for scientific, documentation, promotional and other purposes may be granted upon written application to the Regional Historic Sights Management.

12.  Flying of pilotless aircraft (drones, multicopters etc.) and aero models without previous written consent of the monument manager is forbidden in the entire premises of the monument.

13.  Geocaching and any related activities as well as the organization of other adventure games and outdoor games are allowed only with prior consent granted by the monument manager.

Exception for scientific, documentation, promotional and other purposes may be granted upon written application to the National Heritage Institute, Regional Historic Sites Management in Kroměříž.

  1. Visitors are responsible to the management of the cultural monument for any breaches of the visiting regulations and inflicted damages. The management of the cultural monument is not responsible for injuries and damages arisen as a result of non-compliance of the visiting regulations. Liability for any damages incurred by visitors is regulated by the general regulations.
  2. Exception from the visiting regulations may be permitted by the management of the cultural monument in any reasonable cases.
  3. The Castle Theatre and the Winter Riding-Hall have their own specific visiting and fire regulations.

The full and valid version of the Visitors' Regulations of the Valtice Castle is available for download Navstevni_rad_2019_eng.pdf.

Visiting regulations for the Rendez-vous is available here Navstevni_rad_2019 R-v_eng.pdf.