Marble Hall

Unique place connecting park, cellars, and castle moat

The Marble Hall, in the frame of the so called theatre background, is the only place in the chateau which enables usage of the garden at the same time as the chateau; and in addition, it has a unique access to the chateau moat.

This place has a great variety of arrangements: for a feast / banquet, entertainment, and even catering. Everything can be organized in just one hall or divided into neighbouring spaces. The halls can be heated or air conditioned, so they can be used all year round even when the chateau is close for the off-season (separate entrance), a sufficient capacity of modern toilets is available.

  • for a conferences up to 100 people
  • for buffets up tp 120 persons and for banquets up to 60 people
  • 200 people in case of connecting with other rooms

Dimensions: 121 m2, with additional rooms up to 260 m2

Price of leasing:

  • wedding partie - 10 000 CZK including VAT  / 24 hours, price includes rent, electricity, toilets, water, cleaning, technical support
  • other commerial leases - 10 000 CZK including VAT / 24 hours, price includes only the rent, additional services will be charged individually according to the scope and nature of the event, the organizer requests to provide services and furniture rental
  • leasing over 48 hours is VAT free