Idle Discourse: The Comedy of Errors in Valtice Castle theater


Idle Discourse is delighted to present The Comedy of Errors, by William Shakespeare at the stunning Baroque castle theatre at Valtice this summer.

The Comedy of Errors is one of Shakespeare’s most fun and farcical comedies. When Antipholus of Syracuse and his servant Dromio are washed up on the shore of Ephesus, little do they know that they have found the land where their long-lost identical twin brothers also live! They embark on a madcap adventure, facing confusion, mistaken identity, and angry wives at every turn, before the families are brought together for a heart-warming reunion.

This bold new production will be the first predominantly English-language play performed at the theatre in Valtice since the venue was restored in 2015. An energetic and accessible interpretation of the play, the production will take a modern approach to the text to bring out the best of Shakespeare’s vivacious humour while embracing the historical location of the setting of the magnificently renovated theatre.  

Director Dan Dawes is a London based actor, director, and playwright. His recent works include Tales from Star City, Steel Tumbleweed, and The Signalman, while his directing credits for Shakespeare include Pericles for Titchfield Festival Theatre, and Macbeth for the RSC’s Open Stages project. Idle Discourse is a storytelling company founded in 2016 by Dan and his co-producer Nina Flitman. It aims to embrace the joy of theatre, and its capacity to reveal and revel in the greatest insights about life.  

Idle Discourse Press Pack Download here.

The Comedy of Errors will run June 8-10, tickets to buy on-line here or at Valtice Castle cash desk.