Baroque Palace Theatre

In 1790, the most recent building of the Valtice Castle was opened on the occasion of the Kaiser Leopold II visit: it was the late-Baroque theatre. In the forties and fifties of the 20th century, the theatre was damaged: first through the war, and then later on through insensitive modifications during the Communist era.

The theatre was renovated in 2014-15 at the costs of more than 100 million CZK. The result of the renovation is a remarkable and faithful replica of the space which reveals the mysterious world of the Baroque theatre including the unique wooden machinery to the visitor. The historical stage has been restored according to incomplete historical documents of Valtice, valuable photographs, as well as along the lines of the few preserved Baroque castle theatres in Europe.  At the place where – among others –  the premiere of one of Mozart´s compositions was presented, you can literally touch a chapter of the thousand year long cultural history of the Valtice Castle during the visit.

When a theatre performance or other events take place, the theatre tour is cancelled. Overview of events can be found at

Basic information

  • duration 45 minutes
  • max. 25 people

Opening hours

Period Days Hours
1. 10.–18. 4. closed
19. 4.–21. 4. Fri–Sun 11.00–17.00
22. 4.–30. 4. closed
1. 5.–9. 5. Wed, Fri, Sat 10.00–16.00
10. 5.–12. 5. Fri 13.00–16.00
10. 5.–12. 5. Sat–Sun 10.00–16.00
13. 5.–22. 5. Fri–Sat 10.00–16.00
23. 5.–7. 6. Tue–Fri 9.00–17.00
8. 6.–28. 6. Fri–Sun 10.00–16.00
29. 6.–1. 9. Wed–Sun 9.00–17.00
2. 9.–1. 4. closed



  • Reduced tickets 70 CZK
  • Family admission (max. 2 adults and 3 children) 260 CZK
  • Guide in Czech language with text in English language.


  • Reduced tickets 110 CZK
  • Family admission (max. 2 adults and 3 children) 400 CZK
  • Guide in English language.

reservation needed for groups only